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The Federal Inmate Search displays information about past and current inmates within the federal prison system.

San Diego, CA--Instant Checkmate's Inmate Search makes it simple to quickly look up information about current and past federal inmates. For family members, friends and curious people, Inmate Search displays the inmate's name, age, sex, location and release date.

Data for the Inmate Search is updated daily from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Federal prisons house approximately 197,000 prisoners, and about 97,000 people are in federal prison for drug-related offenses, according to Instant Checkmate's blog.

Project Representative Hiram Cho says, "Putting all of this information in one place just made sense. Now, people can easily see if their loved ones are in jail, and anyone can see if someone they know has been imprisoned. We add more data to the databases daily, making the Inmate Search a one-stop-shop for data about federal inmates."


The Inmate Search feature is available now for federal inmates in the United States. For further details, users can purchase an Instant Checkmate subscription to easily pull a full background report and view available criminal records, location history, contact information and more. Instant Checkmate background checks are accessible in any inmate search listing.

Beginning of Inmate Search
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Potential Inmate List
Get a list of potential Inmates with just a first and last name
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The search checks for all types of additional info like addresses, phone numbers and more.
Results Page
After searching, you'll get a full list of potential candidates

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