Man Finds Lost Parents With Background Check Site

David Neal, 57, used public records search website Instant Checkmate to find his biological family’s contact details

San Diego, CA—Nearly six decades ago, a hunting accident drove David Neal’s parents apart. He was ultimately adopted as a child. But decades later, Neal, 57, typed his birth mother’s name into Instant Checkmate, a public records search website. Using the information he found in her report, he was able to reconnect with his birth parents, meet his siblings and grow the size of his extended family.

Neal’s parents were high school sweethearts. But when his mom’s brother accidentally shot and killed his dad’s brother on a hunting trip, his parents were banned from seeing each other. When his mother became pregnant, her family made the decision to put Neal up for adoption.

Nearly six decades later, Neal used Instant Checkmate to find his birth mother’s contact information. The site aggregates information from public records and online sources into easy-to-read background reports, and Neal was able to find contact information for his siblings, mother and father.

Their First Family Reunion

On June 24, 2017, Neal met his biological mother on his birthday. “It took me a bit of time to get myself composed enough to walk around the corner to the front door, and then be able to grab my mom and giver her a big hug,” he said. “She was crying, and I was crying. It was pretty unbelievable.”

In October, Neal will travel with his biological mother to Arkansas to meet his biological father. The family plans to celebrate his father’s 75th birthday and continue forging the bond they lost so many years ago.

Instant Checkmate President Steven Gray said, “David’s story reveals just how powerful Instant Checkmate can be. We pride ourselves in building a product that helps foster connections and build relationships. Being able to reunite lost friends and family across the country is a gratifying part of the work we accomplish here at The Control Group every day. David’s story is incredible, and I wish him and his newly extended family continued happiness.”

Neal said, “Using the product helped me get ahold of my family, be able to talk to them, and get the visit set up. It worked really well for me.”

Further details about his story are available on Instant Checkmate’s blog. Instant Checkmate compiles information from public records into user-friendly background reports. People have used the website to reconnect with friends and family members, learn more information about neighbors and online dates, and look up almost anyone in the United States. Instant Checkmate offers background reports, reverse phone number searches, reverse email lookups, and reverse address lookups that display details like personal information, criminal records, contact details, location history, and more.

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